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Michigan attorneys fight prosecutions in federal and state courts

Fraud is perhaps the most broadly defined form of illegal conduct. It consists of any deceitful practice used with intent to deprive another person of their rights or to do them injury in some manner. In addition to the general prohibition of fraud, federal and state law set forth a variety of specific fraudulent activities. Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan have more than 30 years of experience trying fraud cases in both state and federal court and winning acquittals in difficult cases.

Skilled attorneys vigorously represent people accused of a variety of federal fraud crimes

Because its jurisdiction is limited, the federal government prosecutes fraud only in certain types of cases, but those cases cover a lot of ground. The most common types of fraud in federal court include:

  • Mail fraud — Using the U.S. mails to perpetrate a fraud
  • Wire fraud — Using radio, television, the internet or any other wire communication technology to perpetrate a fraud
  • Tax fraud — Evading taxes by failing to file an accurate tax return
  • Securities fraud — Engaging in fraud in the purchase or sale of securities, including insider trading
  • Medicaid and Medicare fraud — Obtaining or attempting to obtain Medicaid or Medicare payments for fraudulent or overbilled services

The punishments for any of these crimes may include prison time, fines and restitution to the victims. The severity of the punishment depends on the amount of money or property involved and any aggravating or mitigating circumstances. If you are accused of a federal fraud crime, we can present a stout defense to the charges or pursue a plea bargain that may result in probation or other lenient sentence.

Experienced criminal defense attorneys fight fraud charges in state court

Michigan has its own set of criminal laws prohibiting fraud, which include:

  • Identity theft — Unlawfully obtaining goods, services, money, credit, employment or confidential records by using another person’s identity
  • Forgery and counterfeiting — Creating, using or possessing forged or counterfeit money, banking or other financial and real estate documents
  • Fraudulently obtaining a signature —Using the signature of another person to cheat them or others
  • Credit card fraud — Making purchases with a credit or debit card issued in another person’s name
  • Insurance fraud — Obtaining insurance proceeds based on a false or inflated claim, selling bad insurance policies or failing to pay valid claims

As with federal fraud cases, there are degrees of offenses in state court based on the value of property or money diverted from its rightful owners. If you are charged with any fraud crime, we have the experience and skill to determine the best strategy for countering such charges.

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