Detroit Defense Attorneys Fight Federal Criminal Charges

Experienced lawyers vigorously contest federal charges in Michigan

When people take something too seriously, it is common to say that they are making a federal case out of it. Indeed, the federal government handles a very small proportion of criminal prosecutions, but those crimes are likely to be serious and federal prosecutors will bring all of their resources to bear to win convictions. Federal Criminal Attorneys of Michigan has handled more than 400 cases in federal courts in Detroit and elsewhere in the nation over the past 30 years, winning victories in several major federal trials. This broad experience gives us an understanding of federal criminal law that we are ready and able to put to good use in your defense.

Knowledgeable counsellors understand the special nature of federal cases

Some crimes are unique to federal law, such as those that target the U.S. government or that circumvent or take undue advantage of federal functions. Examples of federal crimes are:

  • Immigration fraud
  • Medicare and Medicaid fraud
  • Other theft and fraud against U.S. agencies
  • Counterfeiting of U.S. bank notes

If you are accused of these or other crimes of similar nature, we have the experience and in-depth knowledge to take advantage of all available defenses, to contest the evidence against you and to take all necessary measures to protect your rights.

Skilled advocates vigorously oppose prosecutions in federal cases

Federal courts also have jurisdiction to hear certain types of cases that could have been brought in state court. These include:

  • Drug manufacturing, trafficking and possession
  • Computer hacking, identity theft and other cybercrimes
  • Production, distribution, possession and accessing of child pornography
  • Human trafficking
  • Murder and other crimes on federal land
  • Wire, mail, securities, tax and immigration fraud
  • Conspiracy to commit federal crimes or crimes against the U.S. government
  • Interstate flight to avoid apprehension or prosecution

Although these crimes have some similarity to state crimes, they are not necessarily equivalent. The proof needed for conviction of a state or federal offense may vary considerably, and so do the evidentiary and procedural rules. . If you are charged with a federal offense, do not rely on attorneys who only understand state criminal law. We understand all aspects of these crimes under federal law and will make sure that you receive an appropriate defense.

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If you need representation in a federal criminal case, Federal Criminal Attorneys of Michigan stands ready to assist. Our main office is located in the Guardian Building in downtown Detroit, within a few blocks of the federal courthouse, but we are also available to meet in Taylor, Southfield and Royal Oak. Call us at 313-329-5847 or contact us online for a free consultation.