Detroit Attorneys Tenaciously Defend Those Accused of Drug Crimes

Michigan lawyers represent alleged dealers and users in federal and state courts

Despite movement toward reform of controlled substance laws to promote rehabilitation and treatment, federal and state governments still impose harsh sentences for offenses involving drugs, particularly those that are most addictive and potentially harmful. If you are charged with such a crime, it is essential that you obtain representation from  a defense lawyer experienced in this field. Federal Criminal Attorneys of Michigan has represented defendants accused of manufacturing, dealing and possession of illegal drugs in Michigan and elsewhere in the United States, recently winning an acquittal in a high-profile cocaine trial.

Skilled attorneys vigorously represent the accused in federal drug crimes trials

Any drug that is regulated by law is called a controlled substance. In addition to drugs that are strictly prohibited under federal law, such as heroin, cocaine and marijuana, drugs that are legally prescribed by a physician, such as opioids, may be illegal if acquired without authorization. Federal law prohibits such activities as:

  • Manufacturing  or cultivated controlled substances
  • Selling, delivering or otherwise providing controlled substances
  • Knowingly and intentionally possessing a controlled substance, or having access and control of the place where it is stored, without a valid prescription and in a sufficient quantity for either personal use or sale
  • Possessing drug paraphernalia, such as syringes and other devices related to drug use

Several defenses may be raised to drug charges. It is not uncommon for drugs to be seized as the result of a questionable search and seizure, which may be the basis of getting the evidence thrown out of court. In some cases, it may be possible to prove that possession was unknowing, or that the defendant had a good faith belief that the substance was legal. Whenever possible, we negotiate with prosecutors for reduction or dismissal of charges, sometimes through diversion of a case into a drug treatment program.  If necessary, though, we are prepared to defend you stoutly at trial.

Knowledgeable defense attorneys contest drug charges in state court

Michigan makes it a crime to manufacture, sell or possess illegal drugs or to illegally sell legal drugs. Unlike some other states, Michigan still criminalizes growing, selling and possessing marijuana. We are thoroughly familiar with state law pertaining to controlled substances and will raise all appropriate defenses and arguments for lowering of counts and reduction of sentences. We can contest the legality of the evidence or of any confessions obtained and challenge any other police abuses of power.

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