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Federal Crimes

What Constitutes A Federal Crime?
The severity of federal charges demands that you work with a team of criminal defense attorneys ready and able to fight hard for you. Specializing in the areas of theft, fraud, conspiracy, and child pornography, the Federal Attorneys of Michigan provides a unique set of skills that allow us to see every important detail of your case.

Federal Crimes Services in Michigan

The determination of a federal crime depends in large part on location. What may not be a crime in Michigan may be a crime on a national level, and vice versa. There are countless distinguishing factors and complications that make it necessary that you work with an attorney that specializes in federal defense. 

As important to your representation’s success is their knowledge, experience, and familiarity with the federal circuit, along with its prosecutors and judges. Federal Criminal Attorneys of Michigan possess over three decades of experience working in Michigan’s federal circuit. We understand thoroughly how to navigate the most complex cases. 

When facing federal charges, you need an attorney that understands criminal law as practiced in federal circuits in the State of Michigan. Give Federal Attorneys of Michigan a call or email us to find out more about how we use every tool available to fight for the most favorable outcome possible. 


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Contact Federal Criminal Attorneys of Michigan Today

Understanding the nature of your case and how to build a strong defense requires a great team of federal attorneys. Federal Attorneys of Michigan possess the knowledge, experience, and tools to give your case a fighting chance. Don’t waste another minute. Send us an email or give us a call at 313-963-4740 for your free consultation today. 

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