Attorney Sanford A. Schulman is the founder and principal of Federal Criminal Attorneys. Mr. Schulman was raised and educated in Michigan, having graduated from Cranbrook High School, Kalamazoo College and Wayne State University Law School. Later, he studied in Madrid, Spain and Cambridge University before joining a private practice. Since 1989 he has handled over 400 cases throughout Michigan and various state courts, appellate courts, and federal courts.

Schulman has tried hundreds of cases and is well known and respected by various state and federal prosecutors and judges. He has handled numerous high-profile cases, including a terrorism case in Ohio, death penalty case in Ohio and West Virginia, complex drug cases in Indiana and Michigan, and two appellate cases that went to the United States Supreme Court.

Schulman has appeared in a majority of the state district courts and has had jury trials in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw and other Circuit Courts in Michigan. He is in an exclusive group of criminal defense attorneys in Michigan who have handled the most capital cases of any other defense attorney and the most complex.

In addition to the State Courts, Sanford A. Schulman has handled over a 100 cases on appeal to the Michigan Court of Appeals and has obtained reversals on several major cases recently. He has also won in the Michigan Supreme Court.

What distinguishes Sanford A. Schulman as an attorney is his experience and success in Federal Court. Schulman has handled more federal cases than all but a few attorneys in Michigan. If you compare attorneys, few have won any cases before federal juries. Schulman has won several and two in the last few years which involved 92 other defendants and the other involved over a million dollars of cash and 75 kilos of cocaine seized. Both were not guilty verdicts.

Schulman has also appeared more than two dozen times before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio and has argued successfully for reversals and rehearing on a number of occasions.

Schulman has also filed two petitions in the United States Supreme Court which were granted certiorari., which is rare. He won both of these cases.

Finally, Schulman is well known in the criminal defense community by judges, attorneys, prosecutors and staff. He is passionate, professional and well respected. He has earned that respect by showing he is ready and able to try a case. He has sought out every avenue to assist his clients including successful petitions for pardon by the Governor of the State of Michigan and recently a Pardon granted to a federal inmate filed by Schulman and granted by President Barack Obama.

Schulman’s fees are always reasonable and his main office is in Detroit. He works with a group of other experienced attorneys and staff and is available for a free consultation or jail visit.


  • State Bar of Michigan, 1990- present
  • Eastern District of Michigan 1990-present
  • Western District of Michigan 1991-present
  • Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals 1992-present
  • Criminal Justice Act Member
  • Eastern District of Michigan 2010-present
  • Wayne County CAP, Assigned Counsel
  • Detroit, Michigan 2010-present