Detroit Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys Fight Hard for the Accused All Throughout the United States

The Federal Criminal Attorneys of Michigan consists of the best Detroit federal and state criminal attorneys in Michigan who work as an association committed to providing a powerful combination of client service and legal expertise.

We specialize in criminal defense and our lawyers have represented individuals charged with state and federal offenses in numerous counties throughout Michigan and federal courts throughout the United States including appellate courts and the United States Supreme Court.

 What We Offer

30 Years of Experience 30+

We have handled over 3000 cases throughout Michigan, state courts, appellate courts, and over 400 cases in federal courts around the entire nation. We have also won several major federal trials. We are licensed and available to handle cases throughout federal courts in Michigan as well as the United States.

We have also covered cases in the Michigan Court of Appeals and Michigan Supreme Court. Our attorneys have filed and argued cases and obtained reversals in each appellate court across the nation over the past 30 years.

Below is a map with all locations where Attorney Sanford Schulman has appeared either in Federal or State Court. Additionally, he has handled appeals in both the 6th and 10th Circuit Courts of Appeals. He has also won two petitions in the US Supreme Court, which were both granted writ of certiorari.


24/7Immediate Attention to Your Case and 24/7 Availability

We offer free immediate jail visits and free immediate phone/office consultations. Send a message through our website or an email to [email protected] and arrangements will be made to review your file without delay. We will also schedule an office meeting or jail visit if needed. We recognize the importance of immediate attention in each case and are ready as soon as we are contacted.

peopleTeam Based Approach

We handle all types of criminal cases including first degree murder charges, armed robbery, home invasions, criminal sexual charges, assaults, drunk driving, drug possession/trafficking, fraud, conspiracy and various other state and federal offenses.

In addition to the attorneys handling criminal and family law cases, we are associated with other independent attorneys who specialize in personal injury, workers compensation, civil litigation, immigration, bankruptcy, probate, wills, estates, trusts, and several other types of legal matters with the same intensity and experience.

The advantage of having lawyers with different specialties in an association is that we can confer on cases with overlapping matters. For example, if a criminal matter involves an immigration or family law issue, we can work together with our other attorneys to enhance your case.

courtConvenient Office Locations

Our main office is located in the Guardian Building in downtown Detroit. We are the closest building to the Wayne County Circuit Court and a couple blocks from the 36th District Court, Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, and Wayne County Jail.

We are also available to meet in Taylor, Southfield, and Royal Oak in Oakland County, Michigan. We have handled cases in all major counties including Wayne, Oakland and Macomb County.

capDiverse Background and Education

Sanford Schulman is a graduate of Cranbrook High School, Kalamazoo College and Wayne State University Law School. He also studied in Madrid, Spain and Cambridge University before joining a large firm and later opening his private practice.

 Practice Areas

First Degree Murder


Armed Robbery


Federal Aggravated Theft Cases

Home Invasions




Federal Criminal Sexual Charges: Receipt, Possession, Production, or Conspiracy Child Pornography Cases

Drunk Driving

Federal Drug Charges: Drug Possession/Trafficking, and Federal Possession with Intent to Deliver

Juvenile Offenders

Federal Conspiracy Charges

Federal Fraud Cases

Federal Health Care Fraud

Federal Immigration Fraud

Federal Money Laundering

Habeas Corpus, 2254 and 2255 petitions

Federal Civil Cases

Federal Appeals

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Sons case

  • Mr Schulman was very respectful and very easy to talk to made himself available when ever I needed to talk. He helped my son in a crimmnal case and I was very satisfied with how He handle this case and if I ever need an attorney (which I pray i never do) I would definitely…

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