Detroit Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys Fight Hard for the Accused Throughout the United States

Tenacious counselors protect clients’ rights in Michigan around the U.S.

Our system of criminal justice depends upon giving people suspected of crimes a vigorous defense, preventing wrongful conviction of the innocent, and protecting clients from constitutional rights violations. With more than 45 combined years of experience in the field, Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan in Detroit is committed to providing reliable, tough representation for people accused of a wide range of state and federal criminal offenses. We will review and carefully evaluate your case and help you make the best decisions about proceeding toward the most positive solution available.

Experienced, reliable lawyers provide thorough defense at all stages of criminal cases

Our Detroit area firm travels all throughout Michigan and the United States, providing top-notch legal representation to our clients in both state and federal courts.

Retaining our legal services affords you a number of valuable advantages, including:

  • Wide-ranging criminal defense experience — We have handled more than 3,000 criminal cases in Michigan and more than 400 cases in federal courts across the nation, winning several major criminal trials and obtaining numerous reversals of convictions on appeal.
  • Immediate attention to your case — We recognize the importance of getting help to you as soon as you are arrested or charged with a crime. We make ourselves available 24/7 for immediate jail visits and free, immediate phone or office consultations and we will review your case file without delay.
  • A team-based approach —We associate with other independent attorneys who concentrate in a variety of non-criminal fields of law. This allows us to confer on cases with overlapping matters, such as those arising under family or immigration law, which we can serve to enhance your defense.

This combination of assets gives us an edge that serves our clients well from start to completion of their cases.

Knowledgeable advocates defend clients against all state and federal criminal charges

We have experience representing clients faced with a broad range of criminal charges, including:

We will fight for you through all stages and aspects of criminal procedure, including search and seizure, appeals, probation and parole and expungement of criminal records, whether in federal or state court.

We have relationships with attorneys in Michigan and across the country who specialize in every area of law. Contact us if your legal problem is not one of the listed areas of practice and we will connect you with trusted and reliable attorneys.

Contact an accomplished criminal law attorney in Michigan

Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan can represent you in any criminal matter in state or federal court. Our main office is located in the Guardian Building in downtown Detroit, Michigan. Call or contact us online for a free consultation.