Detroit Federal Defense Attorneys

The FEDERAL CRIMINAL ATTORNEYS OF MICHIGAN consists of the best Detroit federal and state criminal attorneys in Michigan who work as an association committed to providing a powerful combination of client service and legal expertise.

The FEDERAL CRIMINAL ATTORNEYS OF MICHIGAN specializes in criminal defense and the lawyers have represented individuals charged with state and federal offenses in Michigan and in numerous counties throughout Michigan and federal courts throughout the United States including appellate courts and the United States Supreme Court.

FEDERAL CRIMINAL ATTORNEYS OF MICHIGAN Criminal Defense Attorney Meeting and has attorneys who are located at our various locations. When it comes right down to it, experience is the single most important thing you need to look for in a lawyer. You need to know that your lawyer will not take time to get up to speed on the law and the process in your case. You may not be able to afford to hire an inexperienced attorney who is busy learning on the job. We are prepared and ready. We offer free immediate jail visits and free immediate phone and office consultations. Just send us an email with the relevant details and arrangements will be made to review the file without delay and schedule a jail visit and/or office meeting. We recognize the importance of immediate attention and are ready as soon as we are contacted.

Our Experience

Over the last twenty years, Attorney Sanford A. Schulman and lawyers within the FEDERAL CRIMINAL ATTORNEYS OF MICHIGAN have been handling criminal and family law cases; resulting in countless successful verdicts for their clients. We have an excellent history and record of dealing with first degree murder charges, armed robbery, home invasions, criminal sexual charges, assaults, drunk driving, fraud, conspiracy and various other state and federal offenses.

Attorney Sanford A. Schulman is the founder and principal and a graduate of Cranbrook High School, Kalamazoo College and Wayne State University Law School. He studied in Madrid, Spain and Cambridge University before joining private practice. Since 1989 he has handled over 3000 cases throughout Michigan and various state courts, appellate courts and federal courts.

Sanford Schulman in his office

Schulman has tried hundreds of cases and is well known and respected by various state and federal prosecutors and judges. He has handled numerous high profile cases including a terrorism case in Ohio, death penalty case in Ohio and West Virginia, complex drug cases in Indiana and Michigan and appellate cases that went to the United States Supreme Court.

Office Locations

Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys OfficeWith our main office located in Detroit, Wayne County, located in the closest building next to the Wayne County Circuit Court and a few blocks from 36th District Court and the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice and the Wayne County Jail we are readily accessible and available. We are also available to meet in Taylor, Southfield, and Royal Oak, Michigan in Oakland County and have handled cases in all major counties. These include Wayne, Oakland and Macomb County and we are licensed and available to handle cases throughout Michigan in Federal Courts in Michigan and throughout the United States.

We also cover the Michigan Court of Appeals and the Michigan Supreme Court where the attorneys at the FEDERAL CRIMINAL ATTORNEYS OF MICHIGAN have filed and argued cases and have obtained reversals in each and every appellate court over the past twenty years.


In addition to the attorneys handling criminal and family law cases we are associated with attorneys who are independent but located at our Detroit or Southfield locations that specialize in personal injury, workers compensation, civil litigation, immigration, bankruptcy, probate, wills, estates, trusts, and literally all types of legal matters with the same intensity and experience.

The benefit of having various lawyers in an association is that we confer on cases that often overlap. A criminal matter may involve an immigration or family law issue, a family law matter may involve a domestic violence issue, a civil case that is handled by lawyers who have significant trial experience increases the likelihood for success. In short, although we are an association of attorneys in various fields, we work together to enhance your case and have found this to be an effective tool to a favorable result.

We offer around-the-clock representation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout Michigan and the U.S. and invite you to contact us by sending a message that will be immediately forwarded to the appropriate available attorney for an immediate response. You may also contact us by email, phone or fax for a free consultation.

Here is a recent photo with Mr. Pizarro after a jury acquitted him of possession with intent to deliver over 25 kilos of cocaine.

Sanford Schulman and Staff with acquitted Mr. Pizarro